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“The Poet’s Daughter” (La Fille Du Poet) 
“Old Christmas” (Noel Jadis) 
“Emperesse” (Impertrice) 
“Crystal Ball” (Boule De Cristal) 
“Sonnet for the South” (Un Sonnet Pour Le Sud)
Plein Chant, BASSAC
Chateauneuf-Sur-Charente, France, 1989 

“Brown Like A Father Close to Death” 
“The End of the War Gave Us” 
The Arts Journal, Special NC Literary Issue,
January, Asheville, NC, 1989 

“Something He Called Her Lovely”  
The Lyricist, Buies Creek, NC, Spring, 1988

“The Poet’s Daughter,”  
The Carolina Quarterly, Spring, 1987,
Special NC Anthology 

“The Blues Guitar” 
"The Mad Song of Darvil” 
Loblolly, Spring, 1987

“Thunder for the Lady’s Sake”
“How Old Are the People of the World”
Portfolio Award, (Fifteen NC Poets) Poetry Center
Southeast, Spring, 1983

“Blues of a Mumbling Train”
“The Warning”
“Lifting His Arms”
“Gold Coins”
White Jade, Lakeland, Florida, 1981 


“Winter Kill” 
Aftermath, reprinted, 1980
(Connecticut Writers’ Anthology)

“Winter Kill”  
Connecticut Writers (Anthology), 1979

“The Caravan #3” 
Park River Review, Hartford, Connecticut, 1978 

“The Velvet Wolf” 
Penny Dreadful, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1978 

“Interview with James Baldwin” (Compilation)
Penny Dreadful, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1978 

“A Simple Act” 
Road Apple Review, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 1977 

“The Diameter of Walls in South Africa” 
 Obsidian, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1977,
Black Student Newspaper 

“On Being Sanctified” 
Flute Song, Quincy, Illinois, 1977 

“The Woman Who Danced Without Music or Men" 
Piscina Books, (Fluxus Performance Art)
Franklin Furnace Art Gallery, New York City, 1977 

Panache, Sunderland, Massachusetts, 1976 


“The Kidnapping of Master Jones Bones” 
Dark Waters, Seattle, Washington, 1976 

“The Tunnel” 
Huron Review, Flint, Michigan, 1974 

“Bluebird of Harlem”
“Woman of the Midnight Sail”
Eclipse, Volume 1, Adrian, Michigan, 1974

“The Mad Song of Johnathan X”
“So That You Will Hear Me”
Eclipse, Volume 2, Adrian, Michigan, 1974 

“The Naked Reunion of Pharoah Sanders"
Expressive Arts Review, Brentwood,
New York, 1972

“regaining receipts of war”
“blackbirds cover”
“pennies floating in a pool”“Tech Talk”
“The Glitter of Dorothy’s Shoe”
“Hartford Revisited #1”
“In the Madness of the Moon”
“Articles of the Sea-Dog”
“Two Women”
“It’s Charcoal Burning”
“Bulldogs and Grandfathers” 
Bits and Pieces, Cranbrook Writers Conference,
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 1972

“Two Women” 
Cranbrook Magazine, Cranbook Art Academy,
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 1971, 1972 

“Opened and Closed”  
Oblique Literary Magazine, Adrian College
Spring, 1971, Adrian, Michigan