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“Driving With Donald Hall In Nebraska”
“Brother From Another Planet” 
Sentence (A Journal of Prose Poetics)Danbury, CT, Sentence #5, 2007 

“The Vagrant Hours” 
The Best American Poetry, Scribners,
New York, 2003 

“We Did Not Fear the Father” 
The Best American Poetry, Scribners,
New York, 2001

“Under The Volcano”
Prairie Schooner,
Lincoln, NE, 2001

“To A Young Child Waking”
The Nebraska Poet’s Calendar 2001,
Lincoln, Nebraska


“The Cranes (Once Removed) From the Platte River” 
Controlled Burn, Roscommon, Michigan, 2000 

  “To Spring” 
The Nebraska Review,
University of Omaha,

Mississippi Review
Center for Writers and Mississippi Review
Poetry Awards
University of Southern Mississippi, 2000 

   “We Did Not Fear the Father” 
The Georgia Review, University of Georgia, 1999        

"How They Walked Out of the City" 
The Heartlands Today, Huron, Ohio, 1998

Urbanus Magazine, San Francisco, CA: Summer, 1997 

"Brown Like a Father Close to Death" (1-4) 
Crab Tree Orchard Review,
Southern Illinois  University: Fall/Winter,

“Last Wish” 
The 1996 Emily Dickinson Award Anthology, 1996 


"Work for Life in the City" 
"Honey Child" 
"Black Cat" 
The American Poetry Review, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July/August, 1995 

“The Hunger of Gravity"
“The Writer Blind” 
Elm Vol. 1 No. 1 New Haven, CT Summer 1995 

  “Hollow Ground" 
"The Ugly Man Behind the Little Wood" 
"Clearly Dying" 
"The Dead Shall Be Raised" 
Immortelles (Poems of Life and Death by New Southern Writers),   New Orleans, LA: Xavier University Press, 1995 

"For Two Daughters" 
The American Poetry Review, Philadelphia, PA: November/December, 1993 

“La Guitarra Blusera” 
La Carta De Oliver, Buenos Ares, Argentina, Winter/Spring 1992 

Dickinson Review, 1992 

“Driving Father Down A Mountain Road In Farmington, Connecticut, 1983”
The Crucible, Fall, 1990 

“To A Young Child Waking”
Colorado Review, Summer, 1989