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Afro Psalms was first read, performed, and exhibited at the Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney, Nebraska
on Friday, January 12, 2001by Poet Charles Fort and Modern Dancer/Choreographer Wendy Fort. Wendy had
choreographed one of the poems from his sonnet redouble. They performed despite Wendy being diagnosed with
lymphoma forty minutes before the opening of the show. They did not cancel. The Forts carried on with their work
and art. It would be Wendy's last dance performance. Wendy's spirit is with us, as well as the artistic gifts that she
left to her daughters, community, and our miniature world.

The Wendy Fort Foundation for Dance, Literature, and Film is established as a Center for Fine Arts to provide
dance performances, literary events, film premieres, theatre, music, and painting exhibits for international,
national, regional and local organizations. The Foundation will assist university and independent artists
in the development of visionary art. There is a special emphasis on movement and creativity with children
and intergenerational groups, African-American, Native-American artists and women in the arts.

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